Saturday, February 5, 2011

Project 365: 2-5-11: Hey! It's snowing again!

Whoa! It's 11:35 and almost missed getting my post in. Not much exciting happening today. Billing day and I've been working for most of it. And it's snowed again today. Although it's raining now. Luckily I'm safe inside. Hopefully tomorrow I'll have a little fun. Sue and I may head over to Meredith for Hockey on the Pond....To watch, not play. Supposed to be some Bruins Alumni there. We'll see. Something to do besides work.

So here's the winter picture for the day. The evergreen in front of my house. With a bit of Photoshop framing...

EverGreen and White

Aperture: F/13 ; Exposure: 1/10s ; ISO-100

Have a good day!

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