Sunday, February 20, 2011

Project 365: 2-20-2011: So what did you do on your day off?

Hope what you did was more fun than what I did today...We decided to just stay in and veg today. Well, veg doesn't really mean veg around my house. Decided to do something I've been putting off for a long time. Clean out some file cabinets. Throw out those bills and papers that just take up space. You know, the ones you just get and throw haphazardly in a drawer. So when you need an important one, you can't find it because it's mixed in with all the junk. Well, that's what I do, and today I was paying for it. Four hours of emptying file cabinets, throwing junk out, and organizing. Here's how I spent my day. Behind the chair on the left is a bag of papers from the file cabinets still to go thru. On the table are organized piles ready to be filed. And the bag on the right is the stuff to get burned in our next bon-fire. It was a lousy way to spend the day, but I did listen to tv all day too. And I got 4 files cabinet drawers down to 1/2 a desk drawer. Yay me!

Spying on Em

Aperture; F/14; Exposure: 1/4s; ISO-100 ;
Wide Lens-Kind of looks like I'm shooting thru a peep-hole

Better doing this now than when golf season is here. Hope I learn my lesson and keep my files neat going forward. Oh and no paper-cuts I must say!

Till tomorrow

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