Sunday, January 23, 2011

Project 365: 1-23-11: More Forsythia

Hi there. Barely time to post today. Went to visit my family in Wells Maine. Great visit. It's been too long.

Anyway, today's post is another view of the Forsythia taken from the warmth of my house, thru the window.

Snow Puffs

Aperture: F/13 ;Exposure: 1/20s ; ISO-100; Telephoto Lens; 1/12: 2:31pm;

I've got a crazy busy week coming up. Work 4 days; then a 3 day seminar in Quincy; Web design class Wednesday, and Thursday night pick up a living room set I bought...Ug. I don't think I will want to get out of bed. But I've got to get some new pics to post. Come back tomorrow night and see if if I'm successful.

Have a good day tomorrow

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