Monday, January 3, 2011

Project 365 - 1-1-11

Ok, I've been really having brain cramps lately trying to come up with some new material. So I thought I would try the Project 365 challenge, which is to take a photo a day and record what is going on in my life, and try to improve my photography skills. I'll give it a shot. There may be occasions where pictures where not exactly taken today, but you'll get the "picture". Ba-dump-bump.

So this post is the results of a wonderful day spent with my daughter Taylor and future son-in-law Jeremy. For Christmas, they gave me all the tools and ingredients to make sushi. We love sushi, and they have become experts at making it. So they spent the afternoon with Sue and I on the day after Christmas, and taught us how to make sushi! It was delicious, and I appreciate the quality time we had that day. Loved having them home from Philly for Christmas, and this was a special day.

So on Day 1 of my Project 365, here's the results of our work.

Yeah, mine are the "Fatties". Need more practice!
Until next time...WASABI!!

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  1. I wouldn't call us "experts" yet! We are still working on that. We are now learning how to make inside out sushi. My favorite roll is spicy Tuna, so I'm trying to figure out where and when I can get fresh tuna. It's fun to experiment with though!