Thursday, November 25, 2010

Almost done with the bricks

Hey gang. Hope you all stuffed yourselves sick yesterday, and enjoyed time with family. I did. Great day with family. Two delicious meals, and hopefully I can work of some pounds this morning while I battle the crowds during the Black Friday sales. The alarm is set for 4am, and then I'm off to Walmart. This is the only time of the year I like to shop. Sick, aren't I? It reminds me of racing through Boston traffic. Nothing like a good merge thru the Callahan tunnel to freak Sue out. Ah good times. But that's a story for another day.
Anyway, to complete this weeks' series of Boston's North End, here is a shot of a window in the Old North Church. Looked like original glass to me, but who knows? It was old, and very interesting to me. Great old brickwork. One of these days I'll have to do the whole Freedom trail in Boston. Beautiful things to see and a lot to learn about our past.

Window to the Past

Shot was taken on 10/16/2010 at 4:13pm. Speed 1/60s; aperture: f/5.6; ISO-400.

Well I'm off to Maine for the weekend to visti family, so I'll put on my thinking cap for next weeks posts. I promise....No more bricks...

Have a great weekend and stay out of my way if you are going to the Gilford Walmart Black Friday sale...



  1. I WANT TO DO THE WHOLE FREEDOM TRAIL TOO! With a Ben Franklin look-a-like!

  2. Yeah! Maybe we can get a picture of Ben next time. He wasn't making it easy!

  3. Ben Franklin is in Philly, Ash :p

    There really is a man who gets paid to live as Ben Franklin here. Its not even just his day job, like, he IS Ben Franklin. It's really crazy. And the woman who plays Betsy Ross is actualyl really legally married to the man who plays Ben Franklin. Ive never seen her, but BFrank is all over.